Wednesday November 20, 2019
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Public Records

Bridgewater of Wesley Chapel Community Development District Policy on Public Records Requests

  1. Copies of public records in the possession of the CDD will be provided for inspection as required by law. The CDD’s public records are available for public inspection at the CDD Manager’s offices at Rizzetta & Co., 5844 Old Pasco Rd.—Suite 100, Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544.
  2. While the CDD will honor oral public records requests as required by law, it is preferable for requests to be in writing and should be addressed to the CDD Manager, c/o Rizzetta & Co., 5844 Old Pasco Rd.—Suite 100, Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544.
  3. Requestor should provide an email address, telephone number, or mailing address so the documents can be forwarded to the property party. The requestor must pay for any copy costs or other charges in advance.
  4. The request should provide enough specific detail (such as to type, approximate date, proposed use of such documents) to properly identify the records or documents requested. The CDD may ask the requestor for further clarification if it is unclear as to what public records the requestor would like to inspect.
  5. All requests for documents will be acknowledged by the CDD by email or by mail if requestor has no email address. Documents will be provided in a timely manner as required by Florida law.

Requests for CDD documents will be provided in accordance with applicable Florida Statutes, specifically Title X Chapter 119, and Bridgewater of Wesley Chapel Rules of Procedure. These guidelines and policy will remain in effect from the date of adoption until amended, superseded, or suspended by the Bridgewater of Wesley Chapel Board of Supervisors.